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Structured Interview Guide and Template for Specification of Woody Biomass Fuel and Feedstocks


Lack of full technical specification for biomass fuels and feedstocks is a major source of confusion, uncertainty, and conflict throughout the supply chain. With support from US Department of Agriculture and US Department of Energy, we have interviewed scores of industry participants and reviewed both the scientific and commercial literature to develop a template for specification of biomass materials. The resulting structured interview guide and template for documenting specifications can be situationally modified for various feedstocks, conversion processes and end products. The template emphasizes physical properties, biogeometric dimensional properties, and anatomical content.

About the Publication 

Dooley, J.H., D.N. Lanning, and C. Lanning. 2011. Structured interview guide and template for specification of woody biomass fuel and feedstocks. ASABE Paper No. 1111088. St. Joseph, MI: American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers.

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