Crumbles® Feedstocks

Highly Uniform, Highly Flowable Precision Feedstocks

Our patent-protected Crumbles® feedstocks are designed to meet your project’s specifications.

Key Features and Benefits Include:

  • Controlled particle length along the fiber
  • Controlled thickness across the grain
  • High surface area to volume
  • High flowability and augerability
Rapid delivery of Douglas fir Crumbles® feedstocks in either 2mm, 4mm, or 6mm sizes is available. Other materials including wood chips (poplar, alder, mixed hardwood, etc), corn stover, switchgrass, bamboo, sage, hemp, agave, and more are available with increased lead time. See a complete list of materials we’ve processed into Crumbles® feedstocks. Additional sizes from 1mm and up are available.
Highly Uniform Crumbles Feedstocks

Want to learn more? Download our International Biomass Conference 2015 Crumbles® presentation:

Some of the Materials We Can Use:

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Email us to obtain a quote, discuss your project, or schedule a demonstration at our Auburn facility.

Read more about our Crumbles® technology:

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