Corn Stover Processing

We can process a wide range of biomass into reactor-ready feedstocks including corn stover, wood chips, bagasse, hemp, and more. We offer both comminution (size reduction) and drying services.

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We can perform tests to get the critical data you need for your project. These services are often completed in conjunction with custom feedstock processing. Examples include CTT tests, ash content, PSD, MC, bulk density, and anatomical sort. Some of our customers include  national labs, government departments, and research universities. 

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Contract Research

Forest Concepts has been the principal investigator or partner of many federally-funded research projects. These projects have included biomass characterization, handling, logistics, and other feedstock pre-processing research. Additional projects have involved product development, such as our dryer.

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Feedstock Inspection


Our technologists accept consulting work, speaking engagements, and other project development work on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to tap our expertise for your project, please let us know. 

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