Forest Concepts has been the recipient of many competitive and prestigious awards. These awards acknowledge our work to improving the bioeconomy by providing innovative solutions that solve big world problems. 

Notable Awards and Recognition

Federally Funded Research and Development Contracts

Below is a list of federal contracts that Forest Concepts has secured over the years. Please note that this list does not include pending contracts or contracts where Forest Concepts has been a partner to another lead entity. 

SBIR Program Competitive Awards to Forest ConceptsRoleAgency SponsorStart YearStatusAmount ($)
Preheating of Cold, High Moisture Particulate Biomaterials to Reduce Drying TimePIDOE EERE BETO2020Current $400,000
Improved Biomass Feedstock Materials Handling and Feeding Engineering Data Sets, Design Methods, and Modeling/Simulation ToolsPIDOE EERE BETO2018Current$1,479,033
Analytical Modeling of Biomass Transport and Feeding SystemsPartnerDOE EERE BETO2018Current$90,000
Bio-crude Production and Upgrading to Renewable DieselCo-PIDOE EERE BETO2019Current$224,479
Economic, Risk and Life Cycle Analysis of Woody Biomass Feedstock Logistics Systems in the Southeast USPartnerUSDA NIFA AFRI2020Current$15,000
Cool GTL Production of Jet Fuel from BiogasPartnerDOE EERE BETO2019Current$51,899
Achieving High Operation Reliability for Continuous Feeding of Biomass into High-Pressure ReactorsSponsorDOE EERE BETO2018CurrentN/A
Understanding and Mitigating Wear Issues of the Biomass Rotary Shear Comminution SystemsSponsorDOE EERE BETO2018CurrentN/A
Low Energy Rotary Shear for Sub-millimeter Particle Production PIDOE Office of Science – EERE BETO2016Completed$2,150,000
Advanced Dryer for High-Diffusion Rate BiomassPIUSDA NIFA SBIR2017Completed$100,000
Model Based Control for Dryer Energy ConservationCo-PIUSDA NIFA2015Completed$499,997
Model Based Control for Dryer Energy ConservationPIUSDA NIFA SBIR2014Completed$599,997
Low Energy Comminution of Herbaceous CropsPIUSDA NIFA SBIR2013Completed$100,000
Process Intensification Through Improved Dryer Engineering Data and DesignPIDOE Office of Science – EERE BETO2012Completed$150,000
Optimization and Low Energy Production of Woody Biomass ParticlesPIDOE Office of Science – EERE BETO2009Completed$1,099,999
Beneficiation of Chipped and Shredded Woody BiomassPIUSDA NIFA SBIR2008Completed$430,000
Appropriate Technology Woody Biomass Collection Systems for Bioenergy and Biobased ProductsPIUSDA NIFA SBIR2005Completed$375,882
Marketing and Logistics System for Roundwood Component Kits and Materials PIUSDA NIFA SBIR2004Completed$375,359
Wood-Strand Erosion Control Material PIUSDA NIFA SBIR2002Completed$375,824