What We Do

Forest Concepts is an award-winning feedstock technology developer and supplier.

We combine biology, material science, engineering design, and business acumen to make better, more cost-effective feedstocks from sustainable sources of raw materials. Some of these include wood chips, corn stover, almond shells, recovered plastics, and MSW. When it comes to feedstocks, our mantra is “every time you touch it, add value to the end user.”

Our mission is to develop solutions to Big Deal problems throughout the biomass supply chain – from field to reactor.

Transformative Research

We believe our ideas have the power to radically change our understanding of existing scientific and engineering concepts. Through disciplined research, we challenge these concepts and create new paradigms that make meaningful differences to the industries we serve.

Applied Engineering

We apply thoughtful scientific and mathematical principles to the design, manufacture, and operation of our technologies. Our engineering scope encompasses materials, equipment, processes, and systems.

Innovative Development

We adapt our technologies and equipment to solve individual problems and challenges. Our team is well-connected to industry and academic leaders, positioning us to identify emerging challenges and respond with creative and fundamentally sound solutions.