Innovations in Biomass Pretreatment

Innovations in Biomass Pretreatment


In this 11-minute presentation, Forest Concepts Chief Technology Officer Jim Dooley shares key innovations in biomass pretreatment. 

These innovations have been made possible through a key funding partnership with the DOE. The objectives of the work at Forest Concepts have been to maximize feedstock flowability during handling, create feedstock attributes that maximize conversion yield, reduce delivered cost, and minimize carbon footprint. 

Dooley focuses his presentation on two key Forest Concepts’ innovations that address these challenges, Crumbles® feedstocks and the Crumbler® rotary shear. He also describes the potential energy and cost reduction for biorefineries by reducing biomass size through a rotary shear prior to drying.

About the Presentation 

Dooley, J. H. (2020). Presented for the 2020 ABLC Conference. Auburn, WA, Forest Concepts, LLC.

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