Riverbend Levee Setback and Floodplain Restoration Project (WoodStraw® ECM Application)

Cedar River – Lake Washington Watershed (Renton, WA)

We had the privilege of visiting with the Walsh Group in October after their recent application of WoodStraw® erosion control material. 

They reached out to us in early October looking to cover 3,500 square feet of slope with a grade greater than 34%.

WoodStraw on Slope

Given the steepness of the slope, we recommended a 70% coverage using WoodStraw® ECM. A total of 22 bales were ordered for this project.

In the photo above, you can see that straw wattles are being placed as an additional measure. Forest Concepts is in the early stages of developing a wood-based wattle using material cast off from the WoodStraw® process. (Please let us know if you would be interested to learn more.)

WoodStraw Bale

At the time of our visit, 21 bales had already been applied by hand with one left to fill in the thinner areas. One person was able to apply these bales within a couple hour period.

WoodStraw on Renton Riverbed Slope

The WoodStraw® material on this slope will allow water infiltration to support revegetation, while preventing water and wind erosion. We look forward to revisiting this site over the next year to provide updates on the restoration process.

We are happy to provide WoodStraw® erosion control material for a variety of projects, both large and small. To learn more, please see our page about WoodStraw® ECM’s unique features and its many applications for use.