Juanita Bay Park WoodStraw Application

Juanita Bay Park Meadow Project (WoodStraw® ECM Application)

Juanita Bay Park (Kirkland, WA)

In early December, we visited Juanita Bay Park in Kirkland, Washington, where WoodStraw® erosion control material had been applied for a greenspace restoration project.

WoodStraw protecting young seedlings

The park, which was a former golf course, provides a natural haven for both city dwellers and wildlife alike. Instead of caring for heavily manicured lawns, the park opted to strategically plant wildflowers and bulbs. Over time, the space will transform into a meadow that will no doubt attract pollinators as well as photographers.

WoodStraw to deter bunnies

The primary use for WoodStraw® ECM in this case is to protect the seeds and germinating seedlings from rainfall splash erosion while still allowing sufficient moisture and sunlight through, and it provides a clear indication to visitors that the area is under repair. They will also be placing temporary fending around the area to protect the new wildflowers from rabbits and other local wildlife until it is well established. Rabbits and WoodStraw

For this unique project, WoodStraw® ECM is the perfect choice because it is pure wood and free of chemicals, weeds, and other foreign material. Therefore, it’s suitable around wildlife and provides a natural environment for the seedlings to thrive. 

50% soil coverage of WoodStraw

Since this project only had a few small areas to cover, the bales were applied by hand.

Juanita Bay Park WoodStraw Project
In addition to the site we visited, WoodStraw® ECM had also recently been applied to another City of Kirkland location for erosion control on a slope.

Over the years, our WoodStraw® ECM has had a variety of applications including wildland restoration, mine reclamation, erosion control, and fire rehabilitation. To learn more, please see our WoodStraw® ECM page, read the science behind WoodStraw® ECM, and check out another recent project site we visited.