Catastrophic failure from parallel to grain tension, not shear

Mode of Failure Model for Cutting Solid Section Biomass


Solid section biomass, such as wood and the node-zone of crop residues, has distinct modes of failure when loaded in cross grain shear. Shear bar design plays a part in determining what the failure mode will be at a given depth of penetration. Other factors include shear location relative to an unconstrained end and species type. In order to design a low energy consuming shear bar for agricultural and industrial machinery such as balers and choppers, one needs to develop a predictive model of the failure modes to minimize energy consumption. Utilizing a purpose built instrumented shear test apparatus, we have developed a set of equations and a governing model to predict failure mode and force required shearing solid section biomass. Our tests involved multiple cross sectional areas, 3 shear bar designs, and multiple cross sectional shapes.

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Lanning, D.N., C. Lanning, J.L. Fridley, J.H. Dooley, M. DeTray. 2008. Mode of failure model for cutting solid section biomass. ASABE Paper No. 085111. ASABE. St. Joseph, MI. 20 pp.

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