AE50 Outstanding Innovations 2004

Smallwood Pallet Bunks Receive 2004 AE50 Award for Innovative Technology

Multi-Modal Wood Bunks for Small Diameter Roundwood enable efficient transport of wood from forest thinning programs and labor efficient handling of smallwood at community based forest products firms. The all-steel bunks are designed to hold approximately one-half ton of roundwood. The bunks can be moved by pallet jack or forklift at a production facility. The design facilitates tipping by automated equipment to feed roundwood onto a log deck or into a processing line. The bunks also can be lifted from the top by a log loader for easy stacking, placing or loading in the forest. The bunks can be hauled on a self-loading flatbed trailer, conventional flatbed truck and small trailers. The bunks are designed to nest when empty so they may be efficiently stored or transported back to the forest from town.