Large-Scale Baler

Conceptual Specification of Large-Bale Forest Residuals Balers


The large-bale modular woody biomass baler is designed to maximize daily production while baling previously piled logging slash, forest residuals, thinnings from hand crews, and forest management prunings. The baler is intended to be supported by an excavator-type grapple loader to feed biomass into the baler and handle bales produced much like a grinder and loader combination interact today. The base-model conceptual baler is mounted on a self-propelled tracked undercarriage and is tele-operated by the loader operator via wireless controls (also, much like mobile grinders are today). The 34x48x96-inch high density bale produced by the baler is designed to maximize trucking payload, minimize bale yard requirements, and be handled at bale yards by conventional agricultural bale equipment. Each bale is expected to weigh between 2,000 and 2,500 pounds depending on moisture content.

About the Publication

Dooley, J. H., C. J. Lanning and D. N. Lanning (2015). Conceptual specification of large-bale forest residuals balers. Auburn, WA, Forest Concepts, LLC: 9.

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