Baling Woody Residues

Conceptual Specification of Forest Utility Balers for Woody Biomass


The forest utility modular woody biomass baler is designed to maximize recovery of forest residuals from small/remote/stranded landings, scattered roadside windrows and piles, thinnings from hand crews, and forest management prunings. The baler module is designed to be incorporated onto a wide range of undercarriages and prime movers. The baler module can be mounted on (and powered by) a forestry log forwarder when in-woods mobility is needed. Such configuration takes advantage of the forwarder’s mobility, onboard log crane, and hydraulic power capacity. In other configurations, the baler module can be paired with an optional engine/hydraulic power-pack and a small-log loader for stand-alone use on a trailer frame or truck chassis. Modularity particularly enables users to minimize capital by mounting the baler on existing forwarders, truck chassis, or trailers. When use is seasonal due to markets, fire, snow, etc., the baler can be removed to free the prime mover for other uses.

About the Publication 

Dooley, J. H., C. J. Lanning and D. N. Lanning (2015). Conceptual specification of forest utility balers for woody biomass. Auburn, WA, Forest Concepts, LLC: 9.

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