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Rural Economic Development through Integrated Smallwood Forest Products Centers


Forest Concepts led the development of a conceptual plan for a smallwood manufacturing center. The Cascade Forest Resources Center (CFRC) is envisioned to be a forest products business park housing 7-10 businesses on a common site. Businesses would include both natural resource service providers and manufacturers. Manufacturers would link to a common woodyard and merchandiser. Gross revenues for participant companies may be in the range of $10 – 30 million per year. Forest Concepts conducted over 50 interviews and drew on its past experience to identify business opportunities that have a strong fit with the smallwood enclave concept. The business opportunities can leverage timber resources, access to markets, shared infrastructure and/or services of co-located businesses. This paper uses the Cascade experience as a case study for development of a new smallwood industry to capitalize on the shift to partial cuts, thinning and small diameter timber.

About the Publication 

Dooley, J.H. 2002. Rural Economic Development through Integrated Smallwood Forest Products Centers. ASAE Paper 025006. St. Joseph, MI: American Society of Agricultural Engineers.

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