Roundwood Hylebos

Technical Products from Small Diameter Timber for Habitat Enhancement and Watershed Restoration


An under-appreciated outlet for small diameter roundwood is in watershed restoration, environmental, and habitat enhancement programs. Over $2 billion is spent in North America on habitat enhancement and watershed restoration each year. Of that amount, our estimate is that approximately $300 million is spent on materials that could be made from small diameter timber. Products manufactured from forest thinnings and subsequently placed back in the watershed completes the watershed cycle, and at the same time provides income for forest landowners, woods workers in rural communities, and environmental restoration contractors. This presentation details a number of technical products that can be manufactured from small diameter timber for use in erosion control, watershed restoration, and habitat enhancement.

About the Publication 

Dooley, J.H. 2002. Technical products from small diameter timber for habitat enhancement and watershed restoration. In Small Diameter Timber: Resource Management, Manufacturing, and Markets, edited by M. F. Baumgardener. Spokane, WA: Washington State University Cooperative Extension.

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