Motor mount swing, torque arm, and force transducer

Torque-Arm Method to Measure Specific Energy in Laboratory Scale Biomass Preprocessing Equipment


Specific energy for comminution and mechanical processing of lignocellulosic feedstocks provides an economically important basis to compare equipment and to provide data for lifecycle analysis of complete systems. Measurement of specific energy during equipment design and development activities enables optimization of design parameters. Forest Concepts developed a torque-arm apparatus and LabView data acquisition method that has proven to be easily adapted for preprocessing equipment such as orbital sieves, flail debarkers, and comminution machinery. We provide a comparison of torque-based energy measurement versus electrical motor current based measurement to demonstrate the limitations of motor current methods.

About the Publication 

Lanning, D.N., J.H. Dooley, and C. Lanning. 2011. Torque-arm method to measure specific energy in laboratory scale biomass preprocessing equipment. ASABE Paper 1111087. St. Joseph, MI: American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers.

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