Large square bales of woody biomass

Large Rectangular Bales for Woody Biomass


Woody biomass from wildfire prevention and forest health improvement projects is a significant source of feedstock for bio refineries, combustion energy facilities and other value-added uses. Baling into large rectangular bales offers increased bulk density and easier handling for local and long-distance transportation. By preserving large piece sizes, value potential is maximized. We conducted a problem analysis across the Western US that included surveys, interviews and site visits. Subsequent technology analyses and ideation resulted in a conclusion that prefers large rectangular bales as the handling unit.

About the Publication 

Dooley, J.H., J.L. Fridley, D.N. Lanning. M.S. DeTray. 2006 Large rectangular bales for woody biomass. Paper No. 068054. ASABE: St. Joseph, MI. p. 8.

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