Relocatable Hemp Dryer

Forest Concepts Launches First PLC-Controlled Hemp-Specific Dryer

The Forest Concepts’ Hemp Dryer Model 1 is a semi-continuous incrementally indexed multi-zone dryer that is optimized for drying industrial hemp prior to storage and extraction. The hemp industry resources contributing to the design of Hemp Dryer Model 1 specified that harvested hemp biomass should be handled in forklift-scale trays with a set of maximum air temperatures at the beginning, middle, and end of the drying process. An additional requirement was that the entire system should be mobile or relocatable as well as fixed on a concrete pad.

In our drying solution, raw harvested hemp biomass is handled with screen-bottom trays from a hemp receiving pad through the dryer and either to an extraction facility or to a supersack filling station for dry storage. A continuous line of bins advances incrementally through six (6) drying and one (1) cooling zone prior to exiting the dyer system in approximately 30 minutes from entry to exit. Each of the seven zones has independent air handling fans, and the heated zones have independent propane burners. The entire mechanical, drying, and cooling system is controlled by an integrated PLC-based control system, and the first dryer is mounted to a highway-legal 48-ft flatbed trailer for mobility.

The operator controls are positioned low in the control panels to enable operators to make adjustments while standing on the ground. It should be also apparent from the rendering, the fans and air inlets for the infeed end Stage 1 module (at right) are much larger diameter than the last few stages, reflecting the engineering and cost optimization by Stage.

In the event that an owner desires to convert a mobile dryer system such as this to a fixed location system, the modules are easily removed from the trailer and reassembled on a foundation. Similarly, if an owner desires to reconfigure the dryer for other products or due to new hemp drying schemes, modules are easily removed and replaced or rearranged.

The Hemp Dryer Model 1 will be available on a limited first order basis in 2020.

Forest Concepts, founded in 1998, is a global leader in the development and deployment of new cost-effective technologies for the biomass feedstocks supply chain.  Our innovations through the biomass supply chains simplify logistics, reduce costs and energy consumption, retain biomass integrity and improve yields.

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