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Forest Concepts Adds Staff for Expanded Customer Focus in 2020

In its third decade as a technology developer, Forest Concepts is starting 2020 with enhanced capacity to help customers, licensees, and users maximize the benefits of our innovations. The Company’s innovations in erosion control materials, milling of biomass, and drying are incorporated in licensee’s facilities in four states and spanning the U.S.

In 2019 the Company partnered with The Gordon Group to prepare for a future beyond contract research and innovation and to better support commercial deployment of Forest Concepts’ inventions. “Forest Concepts has amassed more than thirty U.S. Patents, been awarded six AE 50 Awards for Innovative new Products, and an international Engineering Concept of the Year award,” observed Will Bentley of the Gordon Group. “The next phase of the company’s growth will be to ensure that all businesses, agencies, labs, and industries that can benefit will have access to appropriate equipment and systems. Equipment and process technologies are being designed into new facilities in at least six additional states for facilities producing bio based materials, chemicals, and industrial hemp.”

While new staff and an increasing portion of the company’s work will be dedicated to working with manufacturers, licensees, and customers, the majority of effort will continue to keep the innovation pipeline full of future novel products and systems. The U.S. Department of Energy is currently funding a $1.8 million project to develop new laboratory equipment called a Cubical Triaxial Tester and biomass flowability modeling software that will improve performance of biorefineries and biomaterials producers. A new modular biomass dryer jointly developed with a hemp producer incorporates more than 10 years of Forest Concepts technologies and pushes the envelope for reducing drying time and improving efficiency across a wide range of biomaterials. New efforts related to recovery and reuse of plastics and municipal solid waste are showing promise.

“Forest Concepts celebrated its 20th year in business in 2018. We worked with our team, stakeholders, and many advisors during 2019 to set a plan for the next decade and evaluate our options for executing that plan,” said CEO Mike Perry. “The new team members and improved customer-focused processes will make it much easier for those firms building out the bioeconomy to incorporate our innovations into their facilities.”

About Forest Concepts: Founded in 1998, the Company is a global leader in the development and deployment of new cost-effective technologies for the bioenergy feedstocks supply chain. Our innovations through the biomass chain simplify logistics, reduce costs and energy consumption, and improve feedstock utility for conversion to biofuels, biochemicals, and biopower.

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