WoodStraw® ECM

Wood Strand Erosion Control Mulch

WoodStraw® is a patented, engineered wood strand erosion control material with highly effective wind and water erosion control characteristics useful for burned area emergency response (BAER), road maintenance/obliteration, mine reclamation, construction, and any other disturbed soil projects.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Performs better than agricultural straw in rainy and windy conditions
  • Naturally 100% weed and pesticide free
  • Promotes revegetation while increasing water infiltration
  • Minimizes surface and soil erosion and rilling – even on steep slopes
  • Easily applied by hand, straw blower, or helicopter
  • Suitable for use on construction sites, burned areas, mine reclamation, pipelines, roads powerlines, and other disturbed landscapes

Regulatory approvals: 

Many states, counties and agencies have unique requirements and approval processes for erosion control materials such as WoodStraw® mulch.

WoodStraw St Helens Demo
Willow Creek WoodStraw
Since production began in June 2006, more than 20,000 tons of WoodStraw® ECM have been delivered to 21 national forests, 7 BLM districts, state and local agencies, vineyards, environmental and non-profit groups for erosion control. To learn more, please see some of the many projects where WoodStraw® ECM has been applied and watch this short video of WoodStraw® ECM being produced at our Auburn facility.
We also invite you to watch the short videos below developed by Mountain Pine Manufacturing.

For more information visit our dedicated WoodStraw® ECM web page: www.woodstraw.com

For sales in WA, ID, OR, CA, NV, AZ, or Canada

Matt King, Director of Sales and Innovation
Heartwood Biomass – Wallawa, OR

For sales in CO, WY, NE, SD, or KS

Gus Connelly, Director of Sales
Mountain Pine Manufacturing – Steamboat Springs, CO

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